Our Mission:
LaBrae Robotics strives to strengthen student’s engineering and computational thinking background through RoboVikes, our after school club, as well as through course offerings during the school day. This model has proven successful in building strong critical thinkers who are well-prepared for what lies beyond their high school career.
We cannot emphasize enough that competition is simply one of the many means to motivate and excite students. In that context, “winning” is just a byproduct of excellent preparation, execution, collaboration, and a dynamic knowledge base. To achieve those goals, we focus on self-discipline within the engineering design process, along with education, commitment, and collaboration.
Focusing exclusively on winning competitions not only greatly limits a person’s dynamic growth but also is counterproductive. In RoboVikes, we compete with careful moderation and focus on developing and strengthening each child’s innate motivation and creativity as well as an appreciation of hard work and enjoyment of the journey.