2023-2024 RoboVikes


Ainsley E.

New to the district her senior year, Ainsley joins our team after having previously competed against us years ago at NEOREP! She describes herself as ambitious, creative, and hardworking. After LaBrae, she plans to attend Kent State University to major in sports management or sports psychology with the ultimate goal of working in the NFL. When not in Room 929, you can find her reading for English Festival, answering questions for Prep Bowl, on the field as the Football Team Manager, and as a member of the track team!


Abby I.
Bold, sarcastic, and intelligent. Band marcher with purple hair.

Sam W.
Taller, smarter, and less hairy. Eagle scout who likes to paint Warhammer miniatures.

Bryson H.
Athletic, smart, and funny. Wants to be an engineer or a professional baseball player.

Connor P.
Kind, quiet, and humorous. Plays football and guitar, but not at the same time.

Liam S.
Smart, caring, and honest. Nearsighted in one eye, farsighted in the other.

Cam. T
Fun, smart, and kind. Likes art and science class, wants to become an engineer.

Aaron V.
Weird, artistic, and short. Likes to draw and listen to music.

Noah B.
Smart, determined, and trustworthy. Likes to write music and wants to learn to program. 

Landon W.
Adventurous, trustworthy, and helpful. Loves camping and fishing. Wants to become an ODNR officer.

Steven Y.
Shy, hard working, and supportive. Wants to create a robot to help the future.

Jerry B.
He's behind the wheel now! Still like skiing and TCTC.

Genio A.
Creative builder. Wants to learn how to properly wire a robot.

Gavin M.
Funny, helpful, and smart. Likes to ride bikes and is a boy scout.

Zabella L.
Anime loving weirdo. Quite the artist and Roblox player.


Joe Slifka

Joe Slifka is a 2007 Youngstown State University graduate with a B.S. in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in mathematics and science. He earned his M.A. in Teaching and Learning in K-12 Technology Integration from Nova Southeastern University in 2011.

Mr. Slifka has been appointed to the Pitsco Teacher Advisory Group since 2018. In the summers he works at a local bicycle shop fixing and selling bikes, as he has done since 1999.

Jonathan McNemar

Jonathan McNemar is a graduate of LaBrae High School (2014) and Kent State University (2019) with a B.S in Integrated Mathematics. Now in his third year of teaching, he is planning to earn a Masters degree in the future.

As a new mentor, he is looking forward to learning more about robotics and the engineering design process.