2018-2019 RoboVikes

Chelsea G.

Chelsea is highly interested in STEM and wanted to explore new possibilities. She is the varsity cheer captain and describes herself as cheerful, sarcastic, and hardworking. After high school, she plans to attend Case Western Reserve University and major in nursing and psychology to become a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Riley L.

Riley enjoys building and working through problems. He describes himself as motivated, smart, and energetic. He enjoys playing video games, his dog, and watching BattleBots. His future plans include studying mechanical engineering at Youngstown State University.

Brady P.

Brady has always been good at working with his hands and has wanted to enjoys creating things. He's hardworking, determined, and persistent. He plans to attend The Ohio State University to study Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Olivia A.

Nerdy, intelligent, and passionate. Loves fried pickles, country music, and detests feet.

Troy B.

Smart, creative, and strong. Like to cook, work out, and carve things.

Jaclyn B.

Outgoing, excited, and hard working. Loves going on walks, obsessed with taking pictures or nature and writing stories.

Rachel D.

Hard working, willing, and relaxed. Loves to sleep, draw, and listen to music.

Caleb D.

Nerdy, weird, and outspoken. Enjoys playing video games, swimming, and building websites.

Johnell D.

Quiet, reliable, and responsible. Likes to play video games, sports, and enjoys spending time with his girlfriend.

Casey H.

Smart, trying, and a bibliophile. Loves to read, ride horses, and sit with her cat.

Stephanie H.

Smart, short, and adventurous. Fan of reading, watching Netflix, and Panic! At The Disco.

Noah J.

Ambitious, exuberant, and gregarious. Likes to fish, play Fortnite, and go to church. Also, is a deesent speller.

Nathan S.

Determined, nerdy, and creative. Likes to play video games, watch movies, and sleep.

Tyler C.

Scout Law, gamer, and energetic. Believes that pineapple does not belong on a pizza.

Mallory C.

Tall, artistic, and creative. Likes to draw, paint, and play with her dog.

Cole F.

Tinkers with game cartridges, makes remixes, and can perform the Backward Long Jump in Mario64.

David G.

Enjoys marching and jazz band, plays soccer, and is also in Prep Bowl.

Mara K.

Stubborn, funny, and blunt. Enjoys eating a head of lettuce like an apple.

Colin P.

Chaotic, unorganized, and dedicated. Reads a lot, loves horror movies, and is addicted to Dr. Pepper.

Sam B.

Creative, ambitious, and intelligent. Like to go to the gym, hone his baseball skills, and use technology.

Riley D.

Smart, funny, and loyal. Enjoys playing baseball, video games, and spending time with his family.

Ethan A.

Cool, chill, and awesome. Like to play with LEGO, on his computer, and golf.

Eric H.

Enjoys playing Fallout 76, Pokemon, and writes. Also claims to be "awesome".

Larry K.

Kind, smart, and talented. Has the ability to form his tongue into the shape of a taco.

Dale K.

Likes to sleep, eat, and read comic books. Would like to be a pilot when he grow up.

Luke M.

Weird, nice, and organized. Likes to play video games and knows stuff.

Zach N.

Helpful, enthusiastic, and smart. Likes to watch videos, play video games, and talk with friends.

Nathan S.

Smart, creative, and strong. Enjoys drawing and appearing to fly.

Jamey B.

Tall, smart, quiet. Enjoys reading and watching the Harry Potter series as well as playing PS4,

Jack D.

Kind, happy, and funny. Likes hunting, riding ATVs, and fishing.

Christian H.

Smart, quiet, and slightly athletic. Can bend his arm back further than 90% of everyone.

Tommy K.

Nice, smart, and quirky. Enjoys watching YouTube, working on cars, and riding dirt bikes.

Elijah N.

Kind, smart, and joyful. Enjoys reading, playing video games, and playing with LEGO.

Gabe N.

Nice, smart, and quirky. Like to play video games and watch people assemble and disassemble computers.

Not ME

Breaks things and misplaces tools. Never around when you need him.

Charlie F.

Smart, kind, and cool. Likes to play video games, sports, and watch TV.

Mr. Joe Slifka

LaBrae MS/HS Robotics Teacher

Mrs. Brenda Farone

LaBrae HS Mathematics Teacher