2021-2022 RoboVikes

2020-2021 Seniors

Cole F.

Cole is a member of the Build Team and has been a member of RoboVikes since he was in 8th grade. He joined because he thought it would enhance his computer science and engineering skills. He describes himself as smart, kind, and hard working. Cole is a member of the cross country and track teams, Prep Bowl, Spanish Club, is a National Honor Society member, and plays in both jazz and marching band. In his free time, Cole like to play on his Switch, compose music, run, and watch Twitch. After high school, he plans to earn a degree in computer science.

David G.

David is a member of the CAD/Programming Team and joined RoboVikes when he was in 7th grade. He saw the opportunity to play with robots and was all about it! He describes himself as determined, obsessive, and mysterious. In addition to RoboVikes, David is also a member of jazz band, marching band, and Prep Bowl. He enjoys restoring vintage vehicles in his free time as well as watching House, M.D and tending to his cats. After high school, Davide would like to get a mechanic certification.

Mara K.

Mara is a lead on the Administration Team joined RoboVikes when she was in 8th grade because she though it would be fun to play with Legos and build robots. She describes herself as interesting, stubborn, and absurd. She's also a member of LaBrae's soccer and track teams. In addition to RoboVikes, Mara is in Spanish Club, Prep Bowl, marching band, jazz band, brass choir, drama, is a National Honor Society member, a part of student council, ski club, prom committee, Viking Volunteers, and a member of SADD. In her free time she like to read about historical events and familiarize herself with religious texts. After high school, she plans to major in physics or aerospace engineering.

Colin P.

Colin is a lead on the CAD/Programming Team and joined the ranks of RoboVikes when he was a 7th grader after a friend had suggested he join. He self proclaims as unorganized, nerdy, and tired. When not acting as Lead Programmer for the team, Colin is in the band, running cross country, or participating in drama club. In his free time, he enjoys reading, watching old movies, playing D&D, and sleeping. After high school, Colin plans to earn a biological science degree.

Administration Team

Daniel B.

Funny, cheerful, and favorite class is math.

Becky F.

Runs cross country and swims.

Ryan G.

Smart, nice, and hard working.

Abby I.

Loves spiders, centipedes, and frogs.

Ava K.

Caring, helpful, and friendly. Wants to move to CA and be a firefighter.

Amarey P.

Weird, loud, and mouthy. Can't spell to save her life.

Nolan S.

Loyal, caring, and smart. Makes videos and naps.

Aundrea S.

Outgoing, helpful, and funny. Wants to stream.

Morgan T.

Kind, determined, and smart. Shoots layups and likes pasta.

Sam W.

A blacksmith who owns a lot of pets.


Says they reads all game manuals, Remind notifications, and class posts. Actually doesn't.


Knows there was something they had to do for RoboVikes, but can't quite remember what it was.

Build Team

Ethan A.

Creative golfer. No talents.

Jerry B.

Nice kid, soccer player.

Aiden H.

Watches anime and plays soccer.

Larry K.

Listens to a police scanner and marches in the band.

Nathan L.

Witty, bright, and adamant. Broke his leg and didn't know for two weeks.

Aidan M.

BSA. Likes to read, work on things, and play video games.

Zach N.

Funny, intelligent, and a fast learner. Streamer.

Cole P.

Creative, smart, and funny. Likes pineapple on pizza.

Trey R.

Annoying, adventurous, and lazy. Plays soccer.

Guy S.

Ninja warrior/skateboarder. Wants to be a detective.

Alex S.

Mountain biker. Can cook minute rice in 57 seconds.

Not ME

Breaks things, never cleans up, and misplaces tools. Never around when you need him.

CAD/Programming Team

Wyatt B.

Smart, creative, and shy. Likes running.

Charlie F.

A polite, smart, and hard working student.

Liam F.

Eats, plays video games, and can read backward.

Waylon F.

Cryptic and stressed.

Brett M.

Describes himself as smart, determined, and buffalo.

Luke M.

Creative, smart, and original. Likes to do nothing.

Nick N.

Funny, outgoing, and loud. BSA.

Nathan S.

Smart, patient, and skilled. Can ride a unicycle.

Ezekiel S.

Smart, funny, and creative. Can fit an entire unpeeled orange in his mouth.


Mr. Joe Slifka

Joe Slifka is a 2007 Youngstown State University graduate with a B.S. in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in mathematics and science. He earned his M.A. in Teaching and Learning in K-12 Technology Integration from Nova Southeastern University in 2011.

Mr. Slifka is a 2020 LEGO Education US Master Educator and has been appointed to the Pitsco Teacher Advisory Group since 2018. In the summers he works at a local bicycle shop fixing and selling bikes, as he has done for the last twenty-one years.

Mr. Jonathan McNemar

LaBrae HS Mathematics Teacher

Jonathan.McNemar is a graduate of LaBrae High School (2014) and Kent State University (2019) with a B.S in Integrated Mathematics. While this is his first year of teaching, he is planning to earn a Masters degree in the future.

As a first year mentor, he is looking forward to learning more about robotics and the engineering design process.