2022-2023 RoboVikes

2022-2023 Seniors

Ethan A.

Programming Lead

Ethan joined our program when he was in 7th grade. Now a senior, he reflects on his time spent in Room 929, “I joined RoboVikes because I wanted to gain leadership skills and be part of a team.” He describes himself as Intelligent, positive, and a leader. An avid gamer and youtube watcher, he plans to attend NCST to earn certification to become a heavy equipment operator or an electrician. 

2022-2023 Underclassmen

Sam W.
Build Lead, Programming

Tall and glutinous. Plans to go into the Air Force ROTC program and pursue Aeronautical Engineering.

Liam S.
Build Team, Drive Team

Smart, short, and blind (not really). Like to make robots and solve/create problems. 

Jerry B.
Build Team, Drive Team

Smart and helpful. Likes to ski and golf and work on hands-on projects. Wants to become an electrician. 

Abby I.
Admin Lead

Problematic, skilled, and unique. Likes to paint, read, and watch crime shows. Semi-professional baker. 

Bryson H.
Build Team, Drive Team

Athletic, average, and smart. Wants to be a lawyer and loves to build stuff. 

Connor P.
Drive Team, Admin Team

Passionate, humorous, and caring. Like science class, golf, and would like to be a game developer. 

Trey R.
Drive Team, Admin Team

Annoying, hardworking, and caring. Favorite class is science and is in the marching band. 

Drive Team, Admin Team

Says they read all game manuals, Chat notifications, and class posts. Actually doesn't.  

Lanai G.

A little creepy and a little crazy. A quiet kid who wants to build robots and likes to draw. 

Andrew H.

Fast kid who likes math class. Wants to work with robots in the future. 

Zabella L.

Artistic, kind, and funny kid. A Girl Scout that likes to watch anime. 

Gavin M.

Fun loving kid. Favorite class is ELA, likes to play soccer.  

Not Me

Breaks things, never cleans up, and misplaces tools. Never around when you need 'em.  

Katarina T.

Clean, nice, and smart. Like art class and archery.  

Hamdi S.

Fun, smart, and helpful. Joined RV so he could build robots. Sounds like a grasshopper. 


A real metal head. 


Joe Slifka

Joe Slifka is a 2007 Youngstown State University graduate with a B.S. in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in mathematics and science. He earned his M.A. in Teaching and Learning in K-12 Technology Integration from Nova Southeastern University in 2011.

Mr. Slifka has been appointed to the Pitsco Teacher Advisory Group since 2018. In the summers he works at a local bicycle shop fixing and selling bikes, as he has done since 1999.

Jonathan McNemar

Jonathan McNemar is a graduate of LaBrae High School (2014) and Kent State University (2019) with a B.S in Integrated Mathematics. Now in his third year of teaching, he is planning to earn a Masters degree in the future.

As a new mentor, he is looking forward to learning more about robotics and the engineering design process.